Video production house Studio Fx: scoring with affordable videos

From "behind the scenes", tutorials and webinars to stories from satisfied customers: you can do anything with videos.

The sky is the limit, think of a unique aerial photograph of your event ...

One thing is certain: people love online videos.

Multicamera,multicam,live event

And let's face it, you've probably already tried to make a fun video yourself.
Are these situations familiar to you?

  • This super-fun idea comes across as a little strange on video. Bizarre even, as in: you get the shades on your cheeks.

  • On your phone, the picture was sharp.
    But on your website, well, not any more.

  • The sound?
    It sounds like it comes from a can.

So it's time to hire a professional videographer.
Rest assured: even with a limited budget, you can capture your idea on film.

Curious about what fits within your budget?
Contact us Contact us and together we will look at the options.

Personal audiovisual assistant


High-quality videos with an eye on the budget.
Sounds nice?

Then I have another surprise for you.
Because at Studio FX, in addition to a nice video, you also get a
strategic audiovisual communication plan.

Because a successful video production is built around a well thought-out strategic plan. Who is your target group? What message do you want to convey? How do you want to communicate with your customers? Together, we work out all the answers and explore different avenues of thought. The result forms the foundation for the audiovisual part of your video production.

Everything any type of video production

Green Key

And action!

On the ground or off the ground?
With subtitles or voice-over?
On location or pretend with a green key?
Whatever direction you want your video project to take, Studio FX will follow.
And where necessary, with the help of my team of freelance experts.

Would you like to know all the possibilities?
You can find them here. Or give me a call.

Check, check, check: the 9V Formula

Okay, you have decided to hire Studio FX for your video production.
You've already taken the first step.
Now there are nine more to go and then you'll know exactly how successful your video project is.

With the 9 ✔️-formula tick off each step of the process:

Listen: share your idea or questions with me over a nice cup of coffee.


✔️ Received proposal: the proposal consists of a plan of action and a clear offer.

✔️ Plans: from now on it's up to Studio FX - I plan everything to start production.

✔️ Filming: that is obvious.

✔️ Assembly: the pieces of the puzzle, euh film pieces, fall into place.

✔️E diting: voice-over, subtitling, animation ... we're almost there!

Share: The video finds its way to the masses. And through the channels you choose.

✔️ Measure: your story is now leading a life of its own. And I'll keep you posted on how well your video is doing.

Adjustment: is your video project not going as planned? Then I will put your project back on track.

Ready to set up a successful video production together? Call or mail.

Small-scale video production house with large benefits

  • You have one point of contact.
    So you only have to tell your story once.
    No five middlemen here who make a mountain out of a molehill.
    You want a mosquito, you get a mosquito.

  • The more people working on your project, the longer it will take.
    And of course, you'll have to pay everyone as well.
    With Studio FX , you'll save time, money and a lot of 'how long will it take' emails.

  • Small, but not alone.
    Because with my team of freelance experts, we also bring large projects to a successful conclusion.

  • Started in 1983 as a cameraman and started Studio FX in 2001.
    I use all this experience for your video project.

  • With a transparent quote, you know exactly what you will get for what budget.

  • Open communication and honesty are the common denominators of our cooperation.
    No blabla, but boom-boom.

Are you looking for a personal audiovisual assistant who will turn your idea for a video into a successful video production?

Then get in touch.
The coffee is ready. See you soon!